September 19, 2022

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, China ratcheting up pressure on Taiwan and Hong Kong, Russia continuing their bloody invasion of the Ukraine, Trump’s full-bodied embrace of QAnon and increasing threats of more violence if the government continues to investigate his illegal activities, among other potential world-changing events, I can’t help but feel a shift in the world order happening on the horizon. The bigger question is how will we respond as a people; FL and TX governors continue using migrants to ‘drive’ home a point about illegal immigration; Should we be worried about upcoming elections with more election deniers in office?; Israeli archeologists announce ‘extremely rare’ burial cave found in Israel; If your family tree traces back to Mexico, you may have a higher risk of one type of cancer; and New app celebrates ‘Girls in Aviation Day.’ Go beyond the headlines…

Biden and world leaders attend state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II

Biden: U.S. forces would defend Taiwan if China’s military invaded

Who’s being cruel? Politicians debate use of migrants as pawns.

What election deniers want to do when they’re running elections

Student loan forgiveness: Don’t miss these four dates

‘Extremely rare’ Rameses II-era burial cave found in Israel

US Residents Of Mexican Descent May Have A Higher Risk Of Liver Cancer With Each Successive Generation

Women in Aviation International celebrates annual ‘Girls in Aviation Day’ with new app

Chinese investment in manufacturing on the rise in Mexico

The largest mass emigration in Cuba’s history continues

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