September 21, 2023

Two of the biggest perceptions of Latinos are: we all speak Spanish and we all speak the same Spanish. A new Pew survey puts to rest both assumptions and highlights a continuing internal cultural struggle of all Latinos; Ukraine’s President Zelensky couldn’t figure out why the United Nations wouldn’t do more to stop Russia’s invasion of his country. He got his answer; Recent bank failures have many people questioning the solvency of their own banks. Here’s what to know about bank failures; Archeologists just made a discovery of one of the oldest structures in the world — challenging the timeline of human existence; and Wish you had time to read more books? Many achieve their goal by listening to audio books, but that can get expensive. Now, a new MIT-lead effort brings a new kind of service to audio books — using our own voices. Go beyond the headlines…

Latinos’ Views of and Experiences With the Spanish Language

Fear of Russian Nuclear Escalation Still Impeding Military Aid to Ukraine

Biden administration expands legal status and work permits to thousands of Venezuelan migrants

Is my money safe? What you need to know about bank failures

Your unique body odor could identify who you are and provide insights into your health – all from the touch of a hand

10 of the biggest — and smallest — scientific mysteries

World’s oldest wooden structure found in Zambia

Free service brings personal voice to books through AI-generated speech

Mexico provides budding ‘gringo’ comics a unique stage

US and Brazil warn of attempt to stop Guatemala president-elect taking power

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