September 22, 2023

Here’s a wild prediction: The GOP will soon be as relevant a political party as the Prohibition Party of the late 1800s became. We have only to see what happened in Washington yesterday — Speaker McCarthy couldn’t get near a consensus among his GOP House members to debate the bill that would continue to fund the government. Instead, with a federal shutdown looming, he sent everyone home for the weekend. Common expectations are the Republicans will allow the government to shut down — and that’s horrible news for us all; Also, it’s among the more extreme members, but members nonetheless of the GOP, who are spearheading book bans across our nation’s schools. Now, they’re coming after our public libraries; Uber Eats made an admirable announcement. They’re expanding grocery deliveries to those who can least afford their food. The question is: How will they afford delivery?; Do you floss? Chances are you’re doing it all wrong; and Researchers discover one sure way of curbing violence in Mexico but the remedy is as elusive as catching the criminals. Go beyond the headlines…

Attempts to ban books at public libraries surge at record levels

Taiwan says Chinese movements ‘abnormal’, flags amphibious drills

Uber Eats to accept SNAP benefits for grocery deliveries in 2024

Washington and Wall Street economists are in rare unison on the economy’s prospects. That could spell trouble.

Free COVID tests by mail are back, starting Monday

You might be flossing your teeth all wrong

The Opposite of Déjà Vu Exists, And It’s Even More Uncanny

New app will allow New Yorkers to avoid commuting through the poorest air quality

Curbing violence in Mexico: Disrupting cartel recruitment holds the key, new study finds

From streets to stage: Colombia’s magical dance school in a forest

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