September 22, 2020

It’s confirmed. The only reason why Trump is in a hurry to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Supreme Court seat is because he thinks his pick will side with him when he contests the November election. The only remedy to this situation is that there be a landslide vote for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket. However, as several outlets point out: The Latino vote may not help with that strategy; For years, Native American women and girls have disappeared with hardly any media notice and less from Washington. Now, there’s a new bill to change that; Trump may have ‘thrown’ a chunk of money to Puerto Ricans in last-ditch effort to win votes but as long as the island remains ‘disconnected’ it will be a hard sell; and Feeling sleep deprived lately? Scientists just discovered why it’s imperative we all get our 20+ winks. Go beyond the headlines…

There’s No Such Thing As The ‘Latino Vote’

Savanna’s Act, a bipartisan bill to address ‘tragic issue’ of missing and murdered Native Americans, passes US House

Texas’ Latino Vote Might Be Harder To Predict Heading Into This Year’s Presidential Election

ICE Often Gives Detained Immigrants Poor Medical Care And Uses Segregation As Punishment, A New Report Says

Why Puerto Rico is still struggling to get online

Personality shifts may also change your politics

Scientists Discover Why We Need Sleep

Scientists found 91 volcanoes under Antarctica. Here’s what they might do

Female-led Indigenous tech company connects youth with Elders in new app

Mexico’s one-eyed support dog gets his own comic strip

Doctors in Venezuela Fight for Their Lives

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