September 23, 2020

It’s clear that Trump’s legacy will be forever known as the most anti-immigrant administration in the history of the United States. In that vein, it’s no surprise that his administration is pushing to expand their ban against anti-racism training and are reimposing a rule against immigrants after a court victory; Are Latino teens as religious as their parents?; Mexico is demanding answers from ICE; and Want to share in the wonder of the universe? There’s an app for that. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump pushes to expand ban against anti-racism training to federal contractors

Trump administration reimposes ‘public charge’ rule following court victory

Hispanic teens enjoy religious activities with parents, but fewer view religion as ‘very important’

Immigrant Women Detained By ICE Will No Longer See A Doctor Accused Of Performing Unwanted Gynecological Procedures

A Latina mom lost her son to gun violence. For her, it’s a campaign issue.

40% of Oʻahu Beaches Could Be Lost by Mid-Century

A Newly Digitized Logbook Documents Life and Death on a Slave Trading Ship

The Delightful New “Universe in a Nutshell” App

Mexico’s drug war leaves 39,000 unidentified bodies in its morgues

In Guatemala, the Maya world untouched for centuries

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