September 23, 2021

No one can deny that the GOP are on a tear. In other words, we have not seen, in recent history, the blatant abuse of legislation on such a large scale to oppress women and people of color. So much so, that Biden’s allies feel Latino and Asian voters’ rights are especially threatened; A federal judge just called out Florida’s governor; Home ownership builds wealth but new study finds Latino and Black homeowners are twice as likely to have that wealth threatened with one tool housing industry uses; and New study finds polar ice melting has a much bigger consequence than rising sea levels. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden allies push for protections for Latino, Asian voters

Federal judge: Florida ban on sanctuary cities racially motivated

As Texas draws its maps, Latinos push for political power

Black And Latino Homeowners Are About Twice As Likely As Whites To Get Low Appraisals

Study shows an abortion ban may lead to a 21% increase in pregnancy-related deaths

Melting of polar ice shifting Earth itself, not just sea levels

The largest space telescope in history is about to blow our minds

Meet Meerkat: A New App Connecting Parents With Other Parents

Mexico’s scientific community claims persecution by federal authorities after arrest warrants sought

Hungry and desperate: Climate change fuels a migration crisis in Guatemala

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