September 24, 2021

Usually, I don’t post headlines regarding the ridiculous recounts of the 2020 election but after news that Trump claimed fraud in a couple of the major Democratic counties in Texas and told the TX gov to do a recount, and TX Sec. of State IS COMPLYING, along with, results of a new survey showing 21 million Americans believe Trump should be reinstated by violence, well, this is beyond disturbing. Instead of ignoring these developments, and wishing it would all go away, I realize that we have to draw attention to them and keep singling out the manipulated among us to counter their bogus claims. Otherwise, history will repeat itself and the second go-around may have a different ending altogether; If there’s a silver lining in the unfortunate death of Gaby Petito, it’s that now more attention will be paid to ALL missing people, regardless of color; Think gerrymandering is happening in your state? Here’s how to spot it; and New app hopes to revolutionize how we ‘nurture’ our professional and personal relationships. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden won Arizona in 2020, draft of report on state Senate GOP-mandated 2020 review shows

21 million Americans say Biden is ‘illegitimate’ and Trump should be restored by violence, survey finds

More Americans couldn’t get enough to eat in 2020 – a change that hit the middle class hardest

TikTokers Are Now Highlighting Missing People Of Color After The Gabby Petito Case

How To Spot Gerrymandering In Your State

Oldest human footprints in North America found in New Mexico

Southwest drought is worst on record, NOAA finds

Spinach-rich diet may prevent colon cancer

Utah business launches NOURI, a cutting-edge new app

Fingerspelling app offers new way to learn sign language

Heightened activity at Mexico’s El Popo volcano triggers preparations for evacuation

Costa Rican nonprofit refurbishes buses-to-sleep for homeless women in San Jose

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