September 25, 2023

Unless the proverbial “Hail Mary pass” is delivered in the House of Representatives, it looks like the government is headed for a shutdown. While most people across the nation may not feel immediate effects from it, of course, unless you’re a government worker or in the military and you don’t get your paycheck, a shutdown will seem far removed from everyday lives — until it all catches up in the economy. Then we all may encounter rough times; Climate change is spawning apocalyptic-type weather events around the world that has been religious institutions worried about the impact on their holiest and most sacred sites; Hand-in-hand with those worries is a new worry flagged by climate researchers who’ve identified a new trend in climate change denials; It’s common knowledge that the US military isn’t as ‘uniform’ as they look in military parades. There’s still discrimination, hazing-type events, sexual harassment and assaults on women and thanks to a new study, we discover some soldiers are living in squalid conditions; and Traffic stops may be one of the most dangerous acts for a police officer to conduct. Now, there’s a new app that lets you video chat with the cop pulling you over. Go beyond the headlines…

The history of government shutdowns and how long they last

Extreme Weather Threatens Global Religious Sites

El Paso opens shelter as migrant influx reaches ‘breaking point’

Thousands of US troops live in filthy conditions: government report

A climate scientist on how to recognize the new climate change denial

We carry DNA from extinct cousins like Neanderthals. Science is now revealing their genetic legacy

Wi-Fi Can Decode Hidden Words Concealed Behind Walls

New App Lets You Video Chat With The Cop Thats Pulling You over

Workers uncover eight mummies and pre-Inca objects while expanding the gas network in Peru

Study identifies crime groups among Mexico’s biggest employers

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