September 26, 2019

From the now infamous Ukranian call, we get affirmation that the modus operandi of this President is to strong-arm foreign leaders to get his way. So, Honduras is the latest country to sign an asylum agreement. It should make us all wonder how they were coerced to reach that deal – aside from aid being withheld; Trump promised a lot of things to his supporters but equality doesn’t appear to be one of them; and New app strives to keep teens from committing suicide. Check out the rest of the stories below.

Senate again votes to end Trump emergency declaration on border wall

U.S. signs asylum agreement with Honduras

Census: Inequality grew, including in heartland states

Kids In Poor, Urban Schools Learn Just As Much As Others

Kelly Lytle Hernández — Rebel Historian Who Reframes History Receives MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant

Climate change predicted to hit wheat production — and the U.S. is going to be one of the worst places affected

17 States Sue Trump Administration Over New Rules Weakening the Endangered Species Act

New app aims to help prevent teen suicides

Why Did the Inca Build Cities in Peru’s Fault Zones?

Mexico’s Oaxaca state legalizes abortion in historic move for Catholic nation

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