September 26, 2022

Once Trump left office, we all thought we were through with the manufactured drama in DC that has become a hallmark of the GOP. Unfortunately, no. It seems, as we saw, the Supreme Court is following in the steps of the former reality tv star and created their own (unnecessary) drama. Their new term, observers say, could be even more drama than the last; It’s one thing to ban abortion but now teens are reporting “overwhelming” struggles to access birth control. A worrisome sign; A new field in archeology has arisen to dig into one of the oldest mysteries of mankind; What are the Piedras Bolas?; and Cuba just held an unusual vote for them. Go beyond the headlines…

The Supreme Court’s new term could be even more consequential than its last one

Anti-War Protesters in Russia Reportedly Being Drafted to Fight in Ukraine

Young people overwhelmingly struggle to access birth control: study

FCC takes long-delayed step against spam text surge

Report: Latino Families Should Prioritize End-Of-Life Conversations

New archaeology dives into the mysterious demise of the Neanderthals

How Global Warming Affects Astronomical Observations

A platform gamifies sustainable shopping

The mystery of Piedras Bola — how did these giant rocks form?

Cuba holds unusual vote on law allowing same-sex marriage

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