September 27, 2022

Over the weekend, we learned someone at the White House was in real-time contact with one of the rioters at the State Capitol during the January 6 assault. Overnight, we learned the identity of the rioter in question. Observers are saying this early leak before the final Jan. 6 hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, precludes an explosive revelation to come. Whether or not it does, the hearings themselves are blowing up the GOP concept of patriotism; Minimum wage is due to increase next year; The Pew finds women now outnumber men in this sector. All I can ask is why isn’t pay equal?; Are Latino superheroes really saving the day in Hollywood? and Scientists now find two specific things accelerate aging more than smoking. Go beyond the headlines…

What we know going into the final Jan. 6 hearing

White House releases strategy for ending hunger in U.S. by 2030

Minimum wage increases on tap for 2023

Women now outnumber men in the U.S. college-educated labor force

Latino superheroes are saving the day in Hollywood

NASA just hit an asteroid to change its course. When will we know if it worked?

Being lonely and unhappy accelerates aging more than smoking, study finds

J Balvin Announces Launch Of Bilingual Mental Health Wellness App ‘OYE’

Mexico’s navy to establish tourist operation in Las Islas Marias, former penal colony

Religion is shaping Brazil’s presidential election – but its evangelicals aren’t the same as America’s

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