September 28, 2022

The GOP love to fault the Democrats, especially the Biden administration, on the influx of migrants coming to the US. They claim Dem’s compassionate immigration policies are to blame. Of course, since they only see issues in black and white, they don’t take into account the climate or political unrest as motivating factors. Unfortunately, both factors are the driving forces of today’s migration, and since neither looks like they’re abating, Biden and 19 nation leaders plan a major huddle to see how to deal with the growing issue; Children may be resilient but it doesn’t mean they’re not fragile. It’s about time the government is pursuing psych tests for the parents who were separated from their children at the border thanks to Trump and his party; New report reveals the ugly details of the lack of Latino representation in the US; Could Hurricane Ian be the start of a new normal in hurricane intensity?; and the NBA is hoping for a slam-dunk on its first-of-its-kin new app for fans. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration officials, leaders of 19 nations huddle on migration

Watchdog report details distress among migrant children who languished at Fort Bliss facility

Feds want psychological tests for parents of separated kids under Trump-era policy

Exclusive: New report calls out U.S. media for lack of Latino representation

The Supreme Court case that’s likely to handcuff the Clean Water Act

Hurricane Ian is a peek into the future

How introductory courses deter minority students from STEM degrees

NBA launches a first-of-its-kind new app experience for fans, driven by the power of data

Amlo promised to take Mexico’s army off the streets – but he made it more powerful

Guatemala returns caravan of 600 migrants, mostly Venezuelans, to Honduras

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