September 3, 2020

How can you tell if someone is following the conspiracy-theory-of-choice these days, otherwise known as QAnon? One of the crazy things they believe is that the economy is “the best” it’s ever been. Yeah, right. They obviously don’t understand the relationship between US debt and our GDP, if they even know what GDP means. But, according to reports, we all are going to know and feel that relationship in a few months; Trump and his cronies’ efforts to suppress the vote could not be more blatant and discriminatory and targeted; So, why is ICE expanding their child migrant detention program?; and Scientists add one more possible cause for the collapse of the Mayan civilization. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. debt to reach 100% of GDP in 2021

Trump’s Base Is Shrinking As Whites Without A College Degree Continue To Decline

Digital vote suppression efforts are targeting marginalized groups, report warns

ICE Program Housing Migrant Kids In Hotels Expanded

American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation

Paper ballots, risk-limiting audits can help defend elections and democracy, study finds

Severe Cyclones May Have Played a Role in the Maya Collapse

Car recalls are easier to track through NHTSA’s new SaferCar app

Brazil gives equal pay to men’s and women’s national players

Colombians Sing for Peace to Denounce Violence in One Voice

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