September 8, 2020

There are many issues that go hand-in-hand with the pandemic: racial justice, social justice, domestic violence, education, etc. Yet, the one issue that sits at the root of them all, even the pandemic, is wealth disparity (a.k.a. the economy). Though the Trump administration wants us to believe the economy is great and is fully recovering, the fact remains it depends on which side of the divide you find yourself. And many experts see the nation in the throes of 2 recessions; Racial disparity is now a documented setback for this new way of delivering medicine; and While the Space Force is reinforcing its ranks, Mexico finds itself a popular destination for more than ‘terrestrial’ tourists. Go beyond the headlines…

‘A tale of 2 recessions’: As rich Americans get richer, the bottom half struggles

Telehealth needs work to address racial disparities

Fact check: Trump administration has built more border wall than meme claims

Suburban Chicago colleges report huge enrollment declines among Latino, Black and adult learners

Space Force to add hundreds of new members as airmen begin to transfer over

All Puerto Rican players can wear 21 on Clemente Day

Changing what we eat could offset years of climate-warming emissions, new analysis finds

Teen Biden supporter gives Biden campaign social media account, and campaign makes it primary point of grassroots outreach on Instagram

‘Culture is language’: why an indigenous tongue is thriving in Paraguay

Mexico attracts people not only of this world, but from outer space too

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