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North Carolina’s Republican legislators conduct their own brand of outreach to Latinos, Blacks and low-income

LatinaLista — Whenever people talk about ‘voter suppression” and tie it in with such things as Voter ID laws, it usually elicits skepticism. After all, what’s wrong with having to show your ID to prove you have the right to vote? Well, a lot if 1. You don’t have a picture ID and 2. Poll

Guest Voz: (Ret.) Ambassador Garza — A Must Do: Immigration Reform

By Antonio Garza LatinaLista It’s been a busy but productive couple of weeks for me. I participated in Rice University’s Energy Conference and, for the last couple of days, have been in DC at the Dow Jones Global Compliance Symposium, as well as taking part in an off-the-record discussion with the Council of the America’s

Young people challenged to live the next 50 days without violence in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

LatinaLista — Today, April 4, marks the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As in years past, his life and message of nonviolence will be honored, remembered and talked about but, unlike past anniversary observances, it will serve as the premise for a specific challenge to today’s young people — abstain

Guatemalan gallery doubles as research center sharing the history of the country’s art from la Conquista to the present

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista It’s not just technology that has changed since El Attico first opened its doors in Guatemala in April 1988. Back then it was an antique shop that doubled as an art gallery, now it’s an art gallery that doubles as a research center. “The antique shop was dwindling, while the art

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Video: In New York City’s crowded music scene, an all-girl mariachi group makes itself heard

LatinaLista — Mariachi music is synonymous with Mexico. The music and its singers are iconic figures of Mexican culture, and in turn, to all people of Mexican descent wherever they live. That is true especially for the Mexican American community in the United States. What once was considered to be nothing more than a genre