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Crowdfunder: – an online marketspace for people with disabilities

Crowdfunder: – an online marketspace for people with disabilities

LatinaLista — Campaign: Fifty-six million Americans have at least one disability, making them the nation’s largest minority group. On average people with disabilities experience less education, less employment, worse health outcomes, and higher poverty rates. What if there was one place online where people with disabilities and their supporters could go to find –


HIPGive Crowdfunder: Creating a kindle lab to build literacy in Chiltiupan, El Salvador

LatinaLista — Campaign: Communities of readers in Chiltiupan, El Salvador ConTextos has worked with a network of nine schools in Chiltiupan, La Libertad for the last three years to develop functional child-friendly libraries. The school libraries are different in size, number of students, teachers and book titles, but they all have in common the passion


Crowdfunder: Furthering Latino literacy

LatinaLista — Campaign: El BeiSMan El BeiSMan is a non-profit collective of journalists and educators that produces a bilingual online monthly magazine and short documentaries. El BeiSMan also publishes books and sponsors workshops and forums on a variety of social and literary issues. El BeiSMan aims to cultivate a new generation of bilingual community journalists