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Crowdfunder: SheHeroes: A Web Series That Empowers Girls

Crowdfunder: SheHeroes: A Web Series That Empowers Girls

LatinaLista — Campaign: SheHeroes: A Web Series That Empowers Girls Career development begins in childhood, and yet kids often limit their career goals to common careers based on gender stereotypes they see in the media or in the very toys they play with. Girls thirst for relatable role models that show how truly exciting and


Crowdfunder: Stories from Indigenous Midwives

LatinaLista — Campaign: Give Light : Stories from Indigenous Midwives GIVE LIGHT is a feature-length documentary that shares the oral histories of indigenous midwives in the face of a modern medical industry. In Give Light: Stories from Indigenous Midwives, indigenous midwives discuss a time when birth was a natural event and they assisted women to


Crowdfunder: Pop Culture and Aztec Art

LatinaLista — Campaign: Pop Culture and Aztec Art “Pop Culture and Aztec Art” is a new art book San Antonio-based illustrator Emmanuel Valtierra has been working on. The purpose of the book will be to introduce new generations to the old style of Aztec art in a very fun way using topics like: Videogames, TV


Crowdfunder: Helping Peruvian orphans transition into adulthood through schooling

LatinaLista — Campaign: Project Opportunity Project Opportunity was created in October 2012 by Ariana Paredes-Vincent and Delphine Uriburu-Wilder, two 15-year-old high school students in Washington D.C. During the summer of 2012, they went to Lima, Peru to volunteer with CEDRO, a non-profit organization that deals with drug, alcohol and violence prevention in Peru. After seeing