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Video: Increasing the minimum wage — a debate that doesn’t add up

Video: Increasing the minimum wage — a debate that doesn’t add up

LatinaLista — The issue of what is a fair wage has garnered increasing debate with the House of Representatives’ opposition to federally increase the minimum wage. This legislative void has spurred more states to take up the cause and pass their own minimum wage increases. In this featured video, journalist Bill Moyers interviews activist Saru


Viernes Video: Al Jazeera English creates reality show thrusting ordinary Americans into the heart and death of undocumented immigration

LatinaLista — In the vein of MTV’s iconic “Real World” reality series, Al Jazeera English debuts a new series that could be said to literally follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. However, these footsteps have less to do with MTV and more to do with the thousands of dead migrants who weren’t able to realize their


Victory for Philadelphia’s immigrant community

J.Smith LatinaLista Philadelphia – “Sin Papeles, No Miedo.” Without Papers, We’re Not Afraid.” For more than five years, this was the defiant cry of immigrant advocacy groups fighting against the collaborative relationship between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials. The chant that had launched marches, demonstrations, prayer vigils, sit-ins and even arrests was fully

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New UN report shines glaring spotlight on US handling of unaccompanied children crossing US-Mexico border

LatinaLista — Since the start of the Syrian conflict, network news shows have devoted hours of coverage on the traumatizing effect that the conflict is having on the children — and, rightly so. Whenever children are victimized by situations they have no control over, it should become a global humanitarian concern and a call to

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Latino Scholar Q&A: Deportees shuttled within “largely unknown bureaucratic system”

By Emily Weir LatinaLista Throughout America, immigrants — most of whom haven’t even been accused of a crime — are jailed alongside convicted criminals. Immigration officials can legally hold noncitizens indefinitely before deporting them, and without giving them legal rights afforded citizens convicted of even the most serious offenses. Questioning Authority spoke with David Hernández,

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Video: New documentary forces nation to remember how a young generation helped turn the tide for Civil Rights

LatinaLista — Civil rights is synonymous with the struggles of black citizens for equality. Yet, it is not often remembered that during the summer of 1964, college students took an active, and dangerous, part in helping African Americans attain their Constitutional rights. During that summer, almost 1,000 college students were dispatched to the state of