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Nonprofit Spotlight: Making sure older orphans and foster care children have a chance to find a loving family

LatinaLista — Orphaned and foster care children have it tough not having a loving, stable family. The statistics paint a bleak future for them: 1 in 10 commit suicide Less than half finish high school 50 percent end up in jail 1/3 become homeless 1 in 4 will become parents before the age of 20


Spotlight Non-profit: New LGBT campaign creates positive dialogue in Latino families

LatinaLista — If conservatives were hoping to splinter Latino voters over the same-sex marriage issue, they’ve had a rude awakening. Poll after poll shows that Latino voters are more willing to support same-sex marriage than what was traditionally believed. For the first time since the Pew Hispanic Center began asking the question in its National

Spotlight Nonprofit: Latina philanthropy org creates fundraiser to pay for group’s nonprofit status

LatinaLista — Many non-profits don’t have time to wait for the paperwork before they get started on accomplishing their mission. That’s the case with Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. Begun three years ago by Angela Rosas to encourage volunteerism and philanthropy among Latinas of the city of Sacramento, California, the organization has over 150 members. The

Spotlight Nonprofit: Preparing low-income girls for a future in technology and engineering

LatinaLista — It’s pretty much understood that most jobs of the future will involve technology on some level. Yet, if current trends persist, women will be at a severe disadvantage, especially women of color. To make sure that doesn’t happen, a new organization dedicated to educating and inspiring teenage girls with the “skills and resources