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Spotlight Nonprofit: Teaching parents how to “book cuddle” with their children

LatinaLista — Literacy. It’s a word that gauges the future success of our children in school. Children who have an appreciation of reading and learn the basics of sounding out words go on to have success in school. Children who aren’t exposed to books and don’t grasp those early lessons are doomed to feel self-conscious,

New members of President’s Hispanic education comm. discuss challenges and solutions to reach nation’s Latino students

By Cheryl Aguilar LatinaLista — Grim statistics surrounding Latino educational achievement are often plaguing our community. Latinos have the lowest attainment level of any group in the US; only about half of all Latino students earn their high school diploma on time. Those who do complete high school are only half as likely as their

Bolivia: Teaching children to move beyond asking to be pitied towards showing compassion

By Angie Washington Latina Lista COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA — Pity is the lazy cousin of compassion. A small girl sits on a swing. Not a week has passed since she was removed from an abusive situation and put in the orphanage. Her feet are covered in sores. She must be carried from place to place. One