February 23, 2022

We all knew there was something ‘off’ in the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Trump — and the public display of praise and admiration continue. Not just from Trump but some members of the GOP now too. It’s not just disturbing but a harbinger of what could happen to the US if Trump or any of his followers get into power again; It seems we don’t have to wait long for the 2024 presidential race to get underway; The Supreme Court will now be tested (yet again) to put their pledges that the rule of law ‘trumps’ personal religious and political views. They will decide a case about whether religion is a license to discriminate; A new poll shows Latinos, especially out West, are concerned about one issue in particular; An UK student just made a discovery of a lifetime; and A new app makes sending gifts as easy as a click. Go beyond the headlines…

The 2024 presidential race has already started online

Did Trump just praise Putin?

More migrants are dying along the US-Mexico border, but it’s hard to say how big the problem actually is

The Supreme Court will hear a big case about whether religion is a license to discriminate

A matter of life and death.’ New poll shows concern about environment among Latino voters

UN: Wildfires getting worse globally, governments unprepared

Student finds fossil of 170-million-year-old winged reptile on Scottsh island

This New App Will Let You Send Gifts with Just One Click

‘Our Own Music’: Puerto Rican Queer Reggaeton Artists Take the Mic

Colombia to protect 68 native languages over next 10 years

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