New Latino Leader for Gay DC

By Jose Sueiro

At first sight the young Mexican American, Martin Diego García appears to be one of those youth focused on ‘chatting’, a nerd occupied with his computer and always ‘texting’ friends and acquaintances. But look closely and you realize this man, with the baby face and librarian’s glasses, is a natural political organizer, part of that new generation of super connected young people, educated, talented and up to date on all of the topics of the day.

He is part of a second generation of Latino leaders looking to change the world or, in the case of Martin Diego, the city of Washington.

Born and raised in California of Mexican parents and having studied at the University of California in Santa Barbara, Garcia arrived in the District of Columbia barely 5 years ago and quickly made a name for himself in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT) of this nation’s capital.

His efforts began with the LGBT Fund for Victory responsible for garnering support for gay marriage, training Gay candidates for legislatures and supporting community causes such as increased funding for the battle against AIDS.

His success was extraordinary and his interest in politics caused him to remain here. Now he works in the offices of ‘Campaign Workshop’ pushing the same progressive causes he’s been working on all his life.

During his first years in the nation’s capital he learned to affiliate himself with leaders of his community and political organizations that advance the LGBT agenda. He assisted…

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