January 31, 2020

As the nation reaches its lowest point in history with the Senate looking to acquit this President – in the face of irrefutable evidence confirming his guilt, an analysis reiterates the dismally low number of Latino elected officials; Trump keeps touting his border wall as “big, strong and beautiful.” Maybe that’s why there were more than a few snickers when this happened to a portion of it; The FICO score is changing and this is how it can affect us all; and A new app aims to connect Native American products to buyers. Go beyond the headlines…

Latinos make up only 1% of all local and federal elected officials, and that’s a big problem

Trump plans to collect DNA from nearly a million immigrants despite charges it violates privacy

Republican judges do Trump’s bidding on border wall

Newly built border wall section in California collapses over to Mexico in high winds

With Hecho en USA, USA Today wants to tell Latinos’ “everyday stories about navigating life in America”

FICO Is About To Change Credit Scores. Here’s Why It Matters

We finally have a new US maternal mortality estimate. It’s still terrible.

Rez Rizing App Connects Native American Businesses To Users

Massacre leaves six indigenous people dead at Nicaraguan nature reserve

Artist’s goal is to ‘paint’ all of Puerto Vallarta in tile

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