April 22, 2020

It used to be that crisis events brought out the best in everyone — especially our political leaders. Not so this time. The Trump administration continues to target those population segments or issues that rile his base the most. Whether it’s DACA and undocumented students or his blanket immigration ban, this White House continues their push to rid the nation of ‘new’ immigrants; The US Postal Service is hanging by a thread and no one in Washington seems to care; Don’t think you staying home is helping curb the pandemic? A new interactive tool shows us otherwise; and Is the US bullying Mexico to get some workers back to work? Go beyond the headlines…

Trump administration to bar DACA and undocumented students from billions in federal aid

Surgeon general, strongest voice for minority communities and the coronavirus, gets pushed to sidelines, sparking questions

Trump Says His 60-Day Immigration Ban Will Only Apply To People Applying For Green Cards. But The Order Is Still “Being Written.”

USPS is hanging on by a thread

The coronavirus pandemic might make buildings sick, too

Rising CO2 causes more than a climate crisis—it may directly harm our ability to think

Vertical farms see surge in demand for greens grown indoors

Interactive Tool Helps People See Why Staying Home Matters During A Pandemic

U.S. pressures Mexico to reopen plants amid worker walkouts

In Spain, Photographers Come Together To Tell The Full Story Of The Pandemic

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