April 21, 2020

Overnight, Trump declared he was “suspending immigration” into the U.S. Is it a prudent move or maybe retaliation for some countries refusing to accept deported immigrants from US; This amid a federal judge ordered ICE to release detainees at high-risk for COVID-19; Scientists say it’s a matter of time before the North Pole’s landscape changes to another kind of ‘barren’ look; and Colombia’s president tried to do what Trump and GOP governors are doing this week and something unexpected happened. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump says he’ll ‘suspend immigration’ into the U.S.

Latino groups endorse Biden early in show of unity

As Latinos lose jobs, remittances to their relatives in Latin America dry up

Global press freedom suffers under coronavirus pandemic, report warns

Federal Judge Orders ICE To Consider Releasing Detainees At High Risk For COVID-19

Online schooling fails to reach large number of students

Coronavirus displaced millions of college students, who worry how they’re going to vote

North Pole soon to be ice free in summer

Great white sharks among marine megafauna that could go extinct in next 100 years, study warns

International Dark Sky Week 2020 is this week — here’s how to celebrate online

Peru: riot police block highway as people attempt to flee amid lockdown

Colombia’s mayors and governors block President Duque’s attempt to restart economy

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