August 10, 2020

The US mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic has shocked the world, according to reports. Yet, even as the nation surpasses 5 million cases, the Trump administration is still pushing for things to get back to pre-pandemic life. Kind of hard to do when our country now leads the world as the “most infected country;” Cutting data collection for the US Census has bigger repercussions for communities of color than we realize; Discover the tool that can help you find your next job; and A young Peruvian engineer invents a ‘delicious’ way to combat childhood anemia. Go beyond the headlines…

Coronavirus live updates: 97,000 kids tested positive the last two weeks of July; US remains the world’s most infected country

Abrupt change to census deadline could result in an undercount of Latino and Black communities

Puerto Rico’s primary goes off the rails

How coronavirus devastated Texas’s vulnerable borderlands

Border Patrol Faulted For Favoring Steel And Concrete Wall Over High-Tech Solutions

These two Latino World War II veterans fought for the American dream in Fort Worth

Lost your job due to coronavirus? Artificial intelligence could be your best friend in finding a new one

This Australian App Is Like ‘Shazam’ for Spiders and Snakes

This Peruvian Engineer’s Cookie Fights Childhood Anemia

Researchers warn of climate repercussions if Brazilian highway through the Amazon is paved

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