August 11, 2020

The Trump administration continues targeting migrant children. New report highlights how low this administration continues to fall when it comes to treatment of these most vulnerable children; The debacle in Puerto Rico’s Sunday election shows just how badly an election can go; Though the federal government has no real say over when school districts in states reopen, and how, there are some schools where they do have the authority and it’s for a population that historically has been robbed of its voice; Scientists see a global crisis affecting the most popular morning beverage on the horizon. Go beyond the headlines…

ICE is making sure migrant kids don’t have COVID-19, then expelling them to “prevent the spread” of COVID-19

Puerto Rico’s Primary Election On Sunday Was Historic — In A Bad Way

U.S. immigration and citizenship applications will be more costly. Here are the new fees

Amazon, Apple, and Facebook say President Trump’s guest worker ban will ‘harm US workers’

Federal agency to reopen 53 Native American schools despite coronavirus fears

New Study Warns: We Have Underestimated the Pace at Which the Arctic is Melting

Study finds Americans prize party loyalty over democratic principles

The Best Investment Apps for Beginner Investors, According to Experts

Colombia: The global coffee crisis is coming

Home built beneath a huge rock in Mexican desert becomes a tourist attraction

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