August 3, 2023

As globalism encompassed the world, the planet seemed smaller. What affects one part of the world, affects us all in some fashion. Take Africa. The rising violence in Niger, that many predict will spread quickly throughout the African continent, already has many countries seeing how the fallout will impact the rest of the world; The CDC has some good news about those who are uninsured; The big craze for the overweight are the drugs Ozempic and Mounjaro. However, the downside risks of both drugs may outweigh the euphoria of losing weight; In India, a novel startup is democratizing AI and its ramifications is bringing financial relief to the masses; and What if you never had to poke your nose with a swab to test for Covid-19 again? What if it were as simple as expelling a breath? It is now. Go beyond the headlines…

Uninsured rate hit record low in early 2023, CDC says

The countdown to the next ‘Great War’ has begun in Africa

Pentagon pulling 1,100 troops from border with Mexico

Ozempic, Mounjaro manufacturers sued over claims of “stomach paralysis” side effects

11 unexplainable animal mysteries

Breath test flags Covid-19 in less than a minute

AI model enables earlier detection of diabetes through chest X-rays

AI by the people, for the people

Mexico exports record number of avocados to US

UN bodies call for urgent action over Panama’s Darién Gap migration route

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