August 7, 2020

The pandemic, with help from the Trump administration, is stripping away the camouflage of those hidden pockets of shameful inequality, social injustice, political oppression and otherwise inhumane practices and policies that have always lurked beneath the hype of the “American Dream.” It has never been so apparent as it is with our immigration policy and treatment of asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants. Several recent reports highlight the gross reality afflicting men, women and children whose only crime is a desperation to escape in search of a more peaceful and rewarding life; A new analysis shows a direct correlation with high pollution rates and COVID-19 in one Latino neighborhood; and A Mexican state just legislated something on behalf of their children that many US pediatricians have on their wish list. Go beyond the headlines…

The Number Of Immigrants Who Have Died In ICE Custody Is The Highest Since 2006

Denver Hispanic Neighborhoods With Higher COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates Also Have Higher Air Pollution Levels Than White Neighborhoods

Economic Impacts Of Coronavirus On Latino Population ‘Extreme’

Senate Democrats demand answers on migrant child trafficking during pandemic

History made as first African American general leads one of the military services

Ending ‘Asylum As We Know It’: Using Pandemic To Expel Migrants, Children At Border

Latinos rely more on social media as a coronavirus lifeline, Nielsen report finds

Snapchat adds in-app voter registration and other new election-related features

Economy tanking, Cuba launches some long-delayed reforms

Southern Mexico state bans junk food sales to children

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