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Crowdfunder: Ensuring the oldest democratic school in the U.S. lives on

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Campaign:The Free School 45K for 45 Years

For 45 years The Free School, the oldest democratic school in the United States, has provided students with a unique, self-directed education, removed from the stress and pressure of standardized testing.

Throughout the 45 years that The Free School has been open it has attracted educators, college students, artists, activists, and so many others from all over the world to visit and learn all that the school has to offer.

Some find it such an unique community to be a part of that they stay for several years, and some stay to learn what they need so they can build their own school community in other parts of the country and world.

The students who graduate from The Free School continue to be driven to explore the world around them and shape their education based on what they love. Because they spend their fundamental years in the Free School environment, they are aware of their own inner strength and have the tools to create the education they want with the resources around them.

At the inner-city school, where diversity is a hallmark, no families are denied admission due to lack of funds. Students not only study traditional academic subjects but they also learn valuable life lessons about responsibility, critical thinking, social awareness, diversity and most importantly how to build relationships and care about each other.

It is focus on community building that encourages students to follow their dreams, contribute positively to society, and become voices for change.

In order to stay true to the mission of helping families in need, the school has decided to launch their first-ever Indiegogo campaign to jump start their scholarship fund and make necessary capital improvements.

Seventy percent of all funds raised through this campaign will go directly to their scholarship fund which will help support families of all socioeconomic backgrounds in sending their kids to The Free School.

Thirty percent of the funds will go towards their capital fund which will support upgrades to the facilities and school capacity.

With funding from the campaign, The Free School will be able to continue its mission, for another 45 years.

The campaign’s goal is $45,000 and ends in 31 days.

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