February 17, 2020

How ironic that President’s Day is meant for us all to reflect on the history of the great men, and not so great men, who occupied the Oval Office. History is supposed to endow us with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight to know the difference between those who were great leaders and those who betrayed the trust of the country to advance their own personal agendas. It’s a sad commentary on our society when so many have not learned from history, or were never students of it. On this President’s Day: Unbelievably, rumor has it that Trump is having a hard time selling some Republicans on his immigration plans; Now, Joe Biden regrets deporting 3 million people; Technology can be a great asset but it carries a double-edge sword, especially when it comes to screening for welfare fraud; and Something strange is happening in Antarctica. How long before the rest of the world suffers the same fate. Or are we already there? Go beyond the headlines…

Trump struggles to win over Republicans on immigration

Biden on Univision: Deporting 3 million ‘was a big mistake’

1,100 Former DOJ Employees Call On Barr To Resign After Intervening In Stone Case

AI algorithms intended to root out welfare fraud often end up punishing the poor instead

California to apologize for internment of Japanese Americans

Latino authors see book sales rise amid ‘American Dirt’ controversy

Record Temperatures Hit Antarctica as Region Experiences ‘Dramatic Changes’

Low-cost ‘smart’ diaper can notify caregiver when it’s wet

Brazil’s Bolsonaro attacks Pope Francis over pontiff’s plea to protect the Amazon

Border Wall in Mexico Turns into Mural of Love

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