February 26, 2020

As usual, it’s exhausting trying to keep up with today’s news. Maybe that’s why the US Census wants to make filling out the 2020 census as easy as a click and send; Believe it or not, there’s not a law on the books outlawing a murder method popular in the history of the US. The US House wants to change that; Want to save a tree? Become a sponsor; and This year’s Carnival was celebrated around the world – before the coronavirus shut some down. Here are the pics to prove it. Go beyond the headlines…

The census goes digital – 3 things to know

Why Hispanic Teachers Are Integral to Addressing Racial Disparities in Education

Coming face to face with the reality of a border wall

Federal Report Says Women In Prison Receive Harsher Punishments Than Men

America has a ‘gruesome’ history of lynching, but it’s not a federal crime. A House vote could change that

Babies from bilingual homes switch attention faster

Sponsor a tree and help save the planet with just one click

New app to help fix your broken electronics is ready to scan over 450,000 devices

Colorful Carnival celebrations around the globe in 2020

Is Mexico City Turning Into The New Art Market Mecca?

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