February 7, 2020

As the rational world knows, Trump’s policies are far from “perfect.” The latest proof is the policy one judge just permanently blocked; Stories have trickled out that ICE officers are unnecessarily rough towards immigrants in detention centers. Now, there is video proof; Can people really see past their own political leanings? One researcher says yes, and there’s a trick to doing it; and Bolivia is combating hunger with a novel approach. Go beyond the headlines…

Judge permanently blocks another Trump immigration policy

Exclusive: Video Shows Controversial Use Of Force Inside An ICE Detention Center

Judge overturns convictions of volunteers who left food and water in desert for migrants

Latino Artist Uses Paintings to Counter Anti-Immigrant Attitudes

1 trick gets Americans out of their political box

US Army creates a fabric that neutralises nerve gases and makes them useless by ‘pulling water from the air and rendering them non-toxic’

Bumblebees’ decline points to mass extinction – study

Google Maps turns 15, rolls out new app features

Bolivian Initiative Combats Hunger by Tackling Food Loss, Waste

Peru’s Peatlands Could Greatly Accelerate Global Warming

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