February 10, 2020

Not even a week after a colluding GOP senate refused to find Trump guilty of any wrongdoing, Trump continues on his path of deceiving America’s Middle Class into thinking he’s on our side. How? Well, he plans on asking for $2B to build his dream border wall and he doesn’t care if the money has to be taken from two domestic programs that many Americans rely on; Puerto Rico’s economy now hangs in limbo after what the island’s governor just did; and Bolivia is battling a new type of pirate harming the environment and legacy of the country’s rich natural resources. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump hits Medicaid, food stamps in push to slash domestic spending

Sacred Native American site in Arizona blasted for border wall construction

Trump to ask for $2B for border wall

Puerto Rico’s economy in limbo as governor rejects debt deal

Second Latino owned movie studio joins ‘Hollywood of the South’

Beyond Santana: Malo And The Forgotten Wave Of ’70s Latin Rock Bands

What’s the difference between race and ethnicity?

Food-share apps seeking to help environment

150-Year-Old Mummified Bee Nests Found in Panama City Cathedral

Rare trees are disappearing as ‘wood pirates’ log Bolivian national parks

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