January 13, 2020

Because we Latinos are not one homogenous group, there are, of course, some who support Trump. Yet, a new group of Latinos wants to ensure Trump is defeated in 2020; In a weird kind of irony, a border patrol radio tower has been overtaken by one of nature’s most predatory creatures; New study shows be careful on your next trip to NYC – if you plan to jaywalk; and Peruvian officials plan to do this around Machu Picchu…Go beyond the headlines.

American Latinos United launches super PAC in effort to defeat Donald Trump in 2020

Trump border patrol radio tower taken over by hundreds of vultures

Black and Hispanic residents targeted for jaywalking in NYC

Texas just became the first state to shut the door on refugees

Puerto Rico could take HUD to court, lawyers say

Women edged out men in the workforce for the first time in almost a decade. Here’s why

Ready For Your First Marathon? Training Can Cut Years Off Your Cardiovascular Age

Scientists use food waste to create auto parts

Peru to plant one million trees around Machu Picchu

Gold bar found in Mexico was Aztec treasure: study

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