January 10, 2020

A popular anecdotal theory as to why Trump’s core base of supporters stick with him, though they see he’s corrupt, a pathological liar, a divider and a narcissist, is because they think he will ‘preserve’ the white majority in the country. Yet, once again, we see that ignorance is bliss for these voters, especially in light of the reality that children of color are already the majority in many US states; Is someone who is anti-immigrant, a white nationalist?; And Trump admin isn’t satisfied with destroying our democracy but have their sights on our environment too. Go beyond the headlines…

Children of color already make up the majority of kids in many US states

US courts rule for border walls both public and private

Anti-immigration author sues NYT over ‘white nationalist’ label

Border apprehensions drop again in December

Latinos, Asian Americans still fear 2020 census over citizenship question, witnesses tell Congress

Richest Republicans View Health Care Far Differently Than Poorest, NPR Poll Finds

Trump has created a loophole to allow pipelines to avoid environmental review

The 25 Best Products of CES 2020

How the US helped create El Salvador’s bloody gang war

Chiapas farmer turned weaver heads to New York Fashion Week

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