July 13, 2020

Starting the week with good news — the national teen birthrate is on the decline! The bad news — just not for Latina and Black teens; Did the Supreme Court just give Native Americans back half of Oklahoma? It’s complicated; Always wanted to attend the Tour de France but just couldn’t afford the trip? Now, there’s a way to join in on the excitement of the biking race; and Audiobooks not doing much for you when it comes to that bedtime story? Try the Michoacán storyteller. Go beyond the headlines…

Top US companies to Trump: Leave DACA alone

Teen birthrates decline another year, CDC report finds, but Black and Hispanic rates see less significant change

A Newborn US Citizen And His Mother Were Forced To Walk Back To Mexico. Now Their Attorneys Want An Investigation.

The Supreme Court’s landmark new Native American rights decision, explained

CDC Employees Call Out Agency’s ‘Toxic Culture Of Racial Aggression’

‘Compelling’ evidence air pollution worsens coronavirus – study

A casualty of Trump’s immigration policy: Millions of trees

This year’s Tour de France is a virtual ride

Adult story night via Zoom, YouTube features Michoacán storyteller

Bolivia’s first transgender news anchor puts LGBTQ issues front and center

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