June 1, 2020

During a time of national crisis, it is customary that a country’s leader addresses the pain, outrage and desperation of its people. Instead our leader calls for a “MAGA” night at the White House to counter protesters. The implication is that MAGA has no members of color. Wanting to tell the world that he did call and offer the customary presidential condolences to the grieving family of George Floyd, Trump didn’t count on Floyd’s brother revealing how Trump just really wanted to say he called the family but didn’t want to talk to them. If ever there was a clear sign of the fraudster Trump really is, it’s during this time. News is Trump is accelerating the building of his border wall and taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to exploit border landowners; Dems are planning a move against GOP senators to fight for DACA; and Cali, Colombia’s most famous export is ‘dancing’ its way to survival. Go beyond the headlines…

Latino homes report serious COVID-19 symptoms nearly twice as often, survey of 1.6 million shows

Democrats gear up to hit GOP senators on DACA

Border Wall Land Grabs Accelerate as Owners Shelter From Pandemic

Puerto Rico to see economic deficit sooner than anticipated due to coronavirus

George Floyd’s Brother Said Trump “Didn’t Give Me The Opportunity To Speak” When He Called His Family

Legendary DJs use shows to ease virus exile among Latinos

When COVID-19 Meets Flu Season

Legal Scholar’s New Website Offers A Picture Of The Criminal Justice System

The Long, Painful History of Police Brutality in the U.S.

Facebook Launches New App Called ‘CatchUp’ to Facilitate Group Phone Chats

Mexico’s other epidemic: Murdered women

Cali, Colombia’s salsa schools dance to survive amid COVID-19

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