June 5, 2020

As infuriatingly sad as it is that it took the public murder of George Floyd to wake the world that systemic racism is so entwined in our country’s culture: police culture, institutional educational culture, neighborhood zoning culture, corporate America culture, etc., that most don’t recognize it, Floyd’s death is spurring a point in our nation’s history of ‘no return.’ Yet, many non-minority Americans live in their own bubbles and still don’t believe racism exists. For them, and all of us students of history, the Smithsonian culled 158 resources (video, articles, podcasts) to help explain the history and presence of racism in America. And while Latinos join in denouncing racism against Blacks, the Latino culture has its own racist attitudes that must be acknowledged; Researchers say there is a scientific method to stop police brutality; Many sectors of the economy have suffered because of the COVID-19 economic shutdown but one industry hopes to recruit young people with a new app; and Mexico just made another impressive archeological find via technology. Go beyond the headlines…


Latinos must confront ‘ingrained’ anti-black racism amid George Floyd protests, some say

How to actually stop police brutality, according to science

The Trump Administration Said It Didn’t Change Policy To Deny Housing Loans To DACA Recipients. Emails Show Otherwise.

Civil Rights Groups, Black Lives Matter Sue Trump Administration Over Protest Violence

Mounting unemployment crisis fuels racial wealth gap

Stripping voting rights from felons is about politics, not punishment

US public schools need major building repairs, report finds

Donald Trump Touts ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ as Polls Show Disapproval of His Race Relations Record

New app seeks to recruit young people to construction

Laser mapping reveals largest and oldest Mayan temple

For black and indigenous people in Central America, Black Lives Matter

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