March 13, 2020

If ever the country needed proof of how inept and derelict the Trump administration is in performing its most basic duty — protect the American people, we have only to look at how they have handled the coronavirus spread. So, maybe it’s not surprising that at the same time they continue to enable this virus to threaten a good portion of the population, they’re going to purposely create food hardship for thousands of low-income individuals and families; How is a person supposed to tell the difference between coronavirus, the flu and allergies; and Central American countries may be having a change of heart accepting Trump deportations. Go beyond the headlines…

Most Americans Can Start Filling Out the 2020 Census This Week. Here’s What to Know

The Trump Administration Will Move Ahead With Its Plan To Kick People Off Of Food Stamps Despite The Coronavirus Outbreak

Internal Democratic research shows Hispanics energized to vote in November

Coronavirus scare hinders Hispanic traditions

Cubans who lived through Castro’s literacy program frustrated by Bernie Sanders’ praise

Pregnant 19-year-old dies trying to climb US border wall

Is it allergies, the flu or the coronavirus? How to tell the difference

New GPS app could help people who are visually impaired find their way

US migrant deportations risk spreading coronavirus to Central America

Brazil sets record for highly hazardous pesticide consumption: Report

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