March 12, 2020

Unlike what Trump wants us all to believe, the coronavirus is not the flu. According to CDC, it is 10 times deadlier. In last night’s address from the Oval Office, Trump announced a ban on travel from mainland Europe. Yet, our European allies are livid because, as usual, Trump acted unilaterally and didn’t tell them about his announcement. Working with a coalition is essential in overcoming challenges. Bernie Sanders’ campaign knew that and expressed disappointment that one particular coalition didn’t fulfill their expectations; The Supreme Court sided with Trump about one of this administration’s most controversial immigration policies; Chinese scientists have discovered a key finding about the coronavirus; and The coronavirus is forcing Colombia to re-evaluate their handling of human trafficking. Go beyond the headlines…

Bernie Sanders’s coalition of Latinos and young voters wasn’t enough to help him win in Tuesday’s primaries

Bloomberg donates $500,000 to register Latino voters

Supreme Court allows Trump to enforce ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Why so few young Americans vote

Fallout from COVID-19 outbreak will eventually hit products consumers use every day

Protecting And Preserving Ancient Sites At Risk From Sea-Level Rise In Florida

Scientists figure out how new coronavirus breaks into human cells

New app provides plethora of information for first-time home buyers and owners

More than 100,000 have fled Nicaragua crisis: UN

Colombia confirms coronavirus in three cities, raises human trafficking concern

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