March 4, 2020

Once again, pundits and political organizers touted the expectation that the Latino ‘sleeping giant’ voter was now awake. Popular assumption was that we were awake to vote for Bernie Sanders, but a little-noticed poll last month predicted the majority of US Hispanics weren’t feeling Sanders. No political junkie would believe it but given last night’s Biden sweep, it underscores how Latino voters are not all the same…Arizona educators want to bring back an ancient math tool to help students; New Freedom Report shows freedom is becoming an endangered commodity; Does Apply owe you money? Check and see; and Bolivia and Paraguay form an unusual alliance. Go beyond the headlines…

19 states sue Trump administration over reallocated funding for border wall

Black and Latino voters were hit hardest by long lines in the Texas Democratic primary

The Latino Vote: The ‘Sleeping Giant’ Awakens

Educators Want Mesoamerican Math Tool Nepohualtzintzin In Arizona Classrooms

Freedom House Report Finds Freedom On The Wane Worldwide

Fossil corals suggest a mass extinction is on the way: ‘It’s like a slow-motion car crash’

Apple to pay up to $500M over battery-related phone slowdown

Just Had a Baby? A New App Helps Keep Them Safe

UN Denounces use of Religion by Brazil Bolsonaro’s Government to Boycott Women’s Rights

Bolivia and Paraguay unite to protect critically endangered guanacos

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