March 5, 2020

It’s official. Latino voters turned out on Super Tuesday — and made a difference! Pew reveals that the majority of the 23 million eligible immigrant voters for 2020 election live in just 5 states; Oprah took her Book Club to Tucson to discuss the controversial ‘American Dirt.’ She got an earful; Why are children of color more likely to die of cancer; and Maduro just made an outrageous proclamation to Venezuelan women. Go beyond the headlines…

Super Tuesday results show how Latino voters, moderate Democrats and Trump supporters are shaping the election

Most of the 23 million immigrants eligible to vote in 2020 election live in just five states

Trump touts economic success at Hispanic convention

Here’s what happened when Oprah came to Tucson to talk about ‘American Dirt’

Coronavirus in the US: Tracking cases and deaths

Children of color more likely to die of cancer

Your smartphone is 7 times dirtier than your toilet. Here’s how to clean it.

A New App Wants You to Dance With Artists’ Holograms

Venezuela’s Maduro urges women to have six children

Mexico: activists voice anger at Amlo’s failure to tackle ‘femicide emergency’

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