May 10, 2021

Politics has always been an area where politicians or voters, and sometimes both, have clamored for a redo. But never, to the best of my recollection, has there been a growing demand for a redo of the U.S. Census. Why? The possibility of an undercount of Latinos and Asians. We’ve already seen how the current census data impacted congressional seats and how the GOP is benefiting from it, which begs the question: Would a Census redo make a difference? The Biden admin knows there’s still a huge digital divide in the country and has an old-school approach to help people schedule vaccines; On the fence about being a vegetarian? New research may change your mind; Mattel says it’s time to recycle all those old Barbies; and New datasets verify there is a new “climate normal.” Go beyond the headlines…

Early 2020 census data stir fears of possible Latino, Asian undercounts

How The Politics Of White Liberals And White Conservatives Are Shaped By Whiteness

Fauci says wearing masks could become seasonal following the pandemic

To Bridge The Digital Divide, Biden Administration Launches Vaccine Hotline

Old Barbie dolls, Matchbox cars, Mega Bloks to become new toys as part of Mattel takeback program

Vegetarians have healthier levels of disease markers than meat-eaters

Warming is clearly visible in new US ‘climate normal’ datasets

New app lets you easily send files and links between your devices

Argentina’s cashless king targets Latin America’s unbanked millions

Bolivian wine-growers banking on ‘distinctive’ altitude flavor

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