May 12, 2020

One of the headlines dominating today’s news cycle is that “Americans are really scared about their economic future.” It calls for a classic Homer Simpson response, “duh!”; The VA warns that Latino and Black veterans face a bigger risk to coronavirus, but why?; New report reveals that US government officials are worried about the return of Mexican/US dual citizens. What would they do?; The biggest project of its kind just got approved in Nevada but critics raise the alarm; and Snapchat is the latest social media platform providing help to domestic violence victims. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans Are Really Scared About Their Economic Future

Supreme Court to hear clash over Trump tax, bank records

African American and Hispanic veterans may face bigger risk from coronavirus, VA warns

U.S. government officials worry about return of dual citizens if Mexico’s pandemic worsens

Minority-Owned Small Businesses Were Supposed To Get Priority. They May Not Have

Biggest U.S. solar project approved in Nevada despite critics

How to defend yourself from COVID-19 lies and myths

Snapchat to offer in-app domestic violence support

Mexican border town uses ‘sanitizing tunnels’ to disinfect US visitors from Covid-19

Pandemic politics costing lives in Brazil

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