May 6, 2020

Perhaps the biggest blow to Trump’s ego (so far) is the May 16 virtual graduation commencement that will be nationally televised. The headlining commencement speaker is President Barack Obama. No doubt Trump will be tweeting his displeasure because, of course, it’s all about him and not the 3 million high school students; Latinos in this Midwestern state have the highest rate of coronavirus infection; 24 Attorney Generals united to urge Congress to renew authorization of a very important law that literally is the difference between life and death; Doctors are finding there are two things people can do to give them the advantage if they contract coronavirus; and One country is practicing “Doctor Diplomacy.” Go beyond the headlines…

President Barack Obama will deliver commencement message for America’s three million high school seniors during televised, celebrity-filled, one-hour multimedia event, Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020

States cut Medicaid as millions of jobless workers look to safety net

Illinois Latinos now have highest rate of coronavirus infections, Illinois Department of Public Health data shows

24 Attorneys General urge Senate to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act amid rising concerns of domestic violence

Government sued over immigrant children not receiving COVID-19 checks

Coronavirus Bankruptcy Tracker: These Major Companies Are Failing Amid The Shutdown

Exercise may help reduce risk of deadly COVID-19 complication: ARDS

How to improve your respiratory health in case you get Covid-19

If You Love Culture, You’ll Love These Online Experiences

Bodies Are Getting Lost In This Ecuadorian City That Has Been Ravaged By The Coronavirus

‘Doctor diplomacy’: Cuba seeks to make its mark in Europe amid Covid-19 crisis

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