November 14, 2019

Discouraging news trickled from the Supreme Court yesterday that there may not be much hope for DACA survival. However, whatever the decision, it won’t be ruled on until AFTER the nation votes for President. Couple that nugget with analysis already being done of just by how much Latinos can turn the presidential election and there could develop a perfect storm where the GOP gets hit with lightening; And really White House, you’re going to turn the border wall construction into its own reality series?; And National Geographic explorer Dr. Lin, who has a weekly show “Lost Cities,” just found another lost city in the Peruvian Andes. Go beyond the headlines, to get the full stories…

Priorities USA launches Latino persuasion program in Florida

Supreme Court leans toward Trump plan to end DACA program for nearly 700K undocumented immigrants

White House to use webcams to create live feed of border wall construction

The New White Flight: Are White Democrats Turning on Presidential Candidates Due to Latino Outreach?

The 2010s: Latinx Music Before And After ‘Despacito’

Climate change is damaging the health of the world’s children and threatens lifelong impact, report says

When reporting climate-driven human migration, place matters

New NASA app puts you in the pilot’s seat of Boeing’s Starliner or SpaceX’s Crew Dragon

Ancient Inca city located 13,000 feet high in Peruvian Andes revealed by laser technology

Diabetes in Mexico: From Rare Disease to Epidemic in 30 Years

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