November 26, 2019

Almost every headline touts Joe Biden as the frontrunner among Latino voters. That could be the reason why Latino outreach has taken a back burner to other campaign outreach efforts. Whatever the reason, it was enough for Biden’s senior Latina advisor to do this; There’s one law on the books still keeping a disproportionate number of Latinos in California prisons; and DREAMers get a new branding campaign. Go beyond the headlines and discover how Trump wants payback for pardoning controversial veterans…

Biden’s senior Latina adviser quits in frustration

The ‘Forgotten’ History Of Anti-Latino Violence In The U.S.

The gang laws keeping black and Latino people in California prisons

Trump Tells Allies He Wants Absolved War Criminals to Campaign for Him

The fight for DACA and Dreamers gets a powerful new brand

Mark of the Conquistador: Debate swirls around a violent legacy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Still Rising, U.N. Report Says

Fairytales reimagined for a modern era

Could Bolivia’s current politics be fueling indigenous discrimination?

Anger in Chile as ally of president says rights abuses necessary

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