November 27, 2019

As families gather to celebrate being together this Thanksgiving, there are over 700,000 people who are wondering where they will be next year. These are the DACA recipients and their families. Will the Supreme Court side with the Trump administration and let him issue orders of deportation or will the Senate pass the DREAM Act? At a time when each of the Founding Fathers arrived from outside our borders, it is a sad reversal if that legacy is now halted. Trump just proposed something that has Mexico’s government scrambling for a meeting with Washington, and it may not be a bad proposal; True that climate change has happened throughout history but not at this pace, which is making a difference to World Heritage sites; and Cuba’s first independent fashion brand draws inspiration from an unusual source for its Spring collection. Go beyond the headlines…

Potential DACA End Takes a Mental Health Toll on Dreamers’ Children

Trump says he will designate Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations

Political hashtags like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter make people less likely to believe the news

Trump order creates task force on missing American Indians

Who are the Latino Evangelicals supporting Trump?

It’s Not Just Flooding in Venice. Here’s How Climate Change Threatens World Heritage Sites Everywhere

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

New app helps to have better conversations with friends, family — or anyone

Fashion collection inspired by Cuban athletes

Bolivia Names 1st Ambassador to US in 11 Years

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