September 24, 2020

It’s a distant memory that the United States used to be a world leader in publicly condemning authoritarian leaders and sanctioning those same countries. Yet, Trump and his administration are increasingly trying to dismantle US democracy to let Trump stay in power. Want proof? Check out his recent remarks about committing to a peaceful transfer of power and his intention of staying in the Oval Office; Florida Latinos are being targeted with Spanish disinformation campaigns. Now, Congress is investigating to find who’s behind it; Scientists say this part of South America is at a critical catastrophic ecological tipping point; and One bank took a look at how much racism has cost the country. The amount is staggering. Go beyond the headlines…

The Republican Party is an authoritarian outlier

Reps. Mucarsel-Powell, Castro call for FBI investigation of disinformation aimed at Latinos

Study says many Latinos don’t vote because they aren’t sought, and they aren’t sought because they don’t vote

Racism has cost US economy $16 trillion in 20 years: Citi report

Hopes for DC, Puerto Rico statehood rise

Amazonia closer to catastrophic ecological tipping point than at any time in the last 100,000 years

Homicide Victims From Black And Hispanic Neighborhoods Devalued

New app creates jobs in a burgeoning field: Evictions

Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa named as World Surfing Reserve

Indigenous topple statue of loathed conquistador in southwest Colombia

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