September 25, 2020

The nation, yet again, is being dragged into Trump’s chaotic vision of how he wants to see his role in the country. Basically, he strives to be someone who is untouchable, commands armies of empty-minded followers and reaps profit under the guise of governing. But as he’s proven over the last 4 years, he’s no leader and chances are he, nor anyone associated with the name Trump, will relish mention of their names in the history books. But someone who did prove herself to be a leader and a person of principle was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Today, this petite justice will ‘stand tall’ in history one last time; Why are more Latino and Native youth being carted off to juvenile detention?; A new treatment discovery for Multiple Sclerosis has people excited; and A new streaming platform bridges the shopping experience between virtual and physical. Go beyond the headlines…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg to make history Friday as the first woman, Jewish person to lie in state at US Capitol

Disinformation, QAnon efforts targeting Latino voters ramp up ahead of presidential election

Despite Trump’s actions against immigrants, these Latino voters want four more years

Congressional Oversight Committee Found ICE Detainees Died After Receiving Poor Medical Care

Growing Numbers of Latino and Native Youth in Juvenile Detention Buck Trend

Neuroscience Has A Whiteness Problem. This Research Project Aims To Fix It

‘False sense of perspective’: Immigrant TV stories mainly focus on Latinos, deportation

Tree rings show scale of Arctic pollution is worse than previously thought

Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis a step closer after drug shown to repair nerve coating

World’s first shoppable streaming platform

Remains of Jurassic Sea Predator Found in Chile’s Atacama Desert

Mexican Students Create El Chapo Video Game to Fund Their Studies

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