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LatinaLista —  Campaign: recruitHER: Working For Equal Opportunity in Tech   Tech companies who value diversity often struggle to hire diverse talent—either their current efforts are failing to move the needle, or they don’t know where to begin. Having a diverse tech workforce is important because more diverse perspectives are needed to inform technological applications and innovations—it’s […]


LatinaLista —  Campaign: Tuition Mission Disabled2Counselor Beatriz Macia has a dream. This Cuban-born Latina, known as Bett to her amigas, is on a mission to raise tuition so she can go from being disabled with Late Stage Lyme Disease to becoming a counselor to military men,  women, and their families, including treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and others […]


LatinaLista — Scholars’ Latino Initiative (SLI) seeks to inspire and empower Latina/o students by creating pathways to educational, professional, and civic engagement opportunities.  By providing each student with a support system that includes individual, community, and institutional level support, SLI creates the access and instills the agency needed for each student to pursue their dreams. According to the Schott Foundation […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: The Nature Project -Amazon & Animal Conservation   Véronique Grand and Yvan Bouvier, of Swiss nationality, went to live in the Ecuadorian Amazonia in 2002. As many, they were worried for the environment and the treatment toward the animals.  In 2007, they created the Swiss-Ecuadorian foundation “Los Monos, Selva y Vida” which is devoted to […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: Spanglish the Webseries   Spanglish is an interactive web series about Mariola, the anti-typical Hispanic woman, living in New York City.  With Latinos becoming a larger and larger demographic in America, the creators of this web series think now's the perfect time to showcase a Latina character who is completely unlike the stereotypes currently […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: liftUPlift.com * Shop From Women   liftUPlift.com is the first e-commerce marketplace for women entrepreneurs. liftUPlift is a tool for the empowerment of women, which makes it fast and easy for every person to work together to create equal opportunity for women worldwide.  Women are underfunded as entrepreneurs, BUT women have so much purchasing power. […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: Oakland Superheroes Mural Project   Public art has the ability to create community change and enliven and inspire neighborhoods. Visible to the entire community, the mural in heavily trafficked areas can send the message that youth and local artists can contribute positive change to their neighborhoods. The Oakland Superheroes Mural Project (OSH) brings […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: FED UP: Food Education For Every Classroom Four years ago, Katie Couric reached out to Laurie David with an email: “Hey Laurie, I’ve been covering the issues of food and diet for 30 years and I am baffled why the problem keeps getting worse. Want to do An Inconvenient Truth of food with […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: 8 West – Ending Youth Homelessness   In San Diego, California, there are more than 3,000 homeless youth living and sleeping on the streets. Many arrive from all over the United States. 8 West, a transitional employment + supportive housing program, has been working at forging relationships with individuals in the homeless community since […]


LatinaLista —  Campaign: Bring my Dad Home   Claudia Amaro is one of the Dream9, the first group of undocumented youth who presented themselves at the U.S.-Mexico border in July of 2013, asking to come home. Two months later, her husband, Hector, followed, requesting asylum at the border. He was taken to Eloy Detention Center and […]


LatinaLista —  Campaign: Ancestors or Enemies? Using Strontium Isotopes to Identify Trophy Skulls from Peru   Trophy skulls of beheaded individuals are not uncommon at cemeteries dating to the turbulent Wari era in the Andes. In Arequipa, Peru, it is unclear whether Wari practices, like taking trophies from foreign enemies, dominated, or Nazca practices, like […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: Honey Org: Sexual Assault Education and Advocacy Honey is an organization dedicated to stopping the silence around sexual assault. The goal is to change public attitudes through various mediums, such as: Education Victim Advocacy Media Campaigns Community Activism Truth Telling Honey aims to change the way people think about sexual assault as […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: ÚNETE AL PROYECTO ‘YO SOBREVIVÍ’ Who knows about the war in Colombia? Citizens? Justice orgs? Media? Armed groups? To date, information on this topic is scattered and inaccurate. This is why the project “Rutas del Conflicto” (Routes of Conflict) was created , the first web site that features information about Colombia’s internal […]

Alabama migration

LatinaLista — Campaign: Help Alabama Immigrants get to Southern Conference The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) has been on the front lines of immigrant rights organizing in Alabama since 2006. ACIJ successfully fought back against the harshest anti-immigrant state-law in the whole country HB-56 (inspired by Arizona’s SB-1070) and stopped these anti-immigrant laws from […]

mythic bridge

LatinaLista — Campaign: Funding 24 At-Risk Young Women to Learn Filmmaking Mythic Bridge is a 4-year old, NYC-based, 501(c)3 non-profit that provides free filmmaking workshops to at-risk youth, aged 13-24. Guided by a community of dedicated volunteer film professionals and adult mentors, MB participants acquire job skills and positive work habits, become adept at personal […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: Reopen the ‘hogar comunitario’ After an amazing experience last year working as a volunteer in Nepal, Irene López Gutiérrez decided to repeat it this summer. She organized a trip to Guatemala – Parramos, in the region of Chimaltenango – for a month, to work in a place called “Hogar comunitario” or Community […]